[KDIS] Course Evaluation for 1st session of the summer 2019 semester

Writer : KIM, Gi-Sang
Wrote on : 2019-06-5 14:31
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It would be highly appreciated if all
students could participate in this semester course evaluation and TA evaluation
within the period indicated below:

  Evaluation Period: June 10 (Mon.)
~ June 14 (Fri.) 23:00

  Please note that if you
do not complete the course evaluations at the MIS
, you may not be able to register courses
for the 2
nd session of the 2019 summer semester and view your current
semester grades.


Evaluation can be conducted at KDI School MIS (Management Information System).

Visit KDI School website ( → Login in the website→
Click “MIS” on the KDI School Service Menu→ Participate in Evaluation (Please
refer to the attached manual for Course Evaluation)

If you have a TA
assigned for your course, you are required to complete TA Evaluation during the
same designated period. For the detailed procedure, please refer to the
attached manual for TA Evaluation.

evaluations are conducted to help us make improvements in the content and
teaching methods of courses offered at KDI School. Therefore, it is KDI School
policy that each student shall be required to participate in the Course

the information given by you will be treated CONFIDENTIALLY. As such, your
absolute honest response will be highly appreciated.

you for your time and cooperation.


Kim, Gisang

Jeong, Hwanhee