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Maths Online Placement Test (Sec.1)

- REQUIRED for ALL newly admitted students (For Spring 2020) 



Should you take a Placement Exam? ALL newly admitted students are required to take Maths Online Placement Test during the designated period. All students, without exception, must prove they have the skills required for the future core courses at KDI School. By making the most of this learning opportunity we offer, you will be able to successfully strengthen fundamentals in basic mathematics required for further academic core course at KDI School.


○ EXAM PERIODS: 2019.12.18(Wed.) ~ 12.31(Tue.), 2 weeks

Please note that the Placement Exam will ONLY be offered during the exam period. Students may take the exam at any time during a given period.

** Students who DO NOT earn the minimum passing score are strongly recommended to take the online remedial course for basic mathematics provided by KOPE program.



Learning period : 12-18-2019 ~ 12-31-2019
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