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[2022 Fall] Basic Math and Statistics


This course offers a set of mathematical and quantitative tools and concepts that will serve as a minimum requirement for most courses at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management. To the extent possible, this course intends to motivate and familiarize the students with real world examples.

The first half deals with the basics of calculus: linear and quadratic functions, linear simultaneous equations, factorizations, differentiation (derivatives), etc. In the second part of the course, the basics of quantitative methods are taught: descriptive statistics, basic concepts on probability and distribution.


□ COURSE PERIODS: 2022.8.17.(Wed.) ~ 2022.9.27.(Tue.), 6 weeks

□ COURSE ENROLLMENT: Students in the following categories may take this course.

1) Students who DO NOT earn the minimum score of 60 in the placement test


2) Students who wish to receive a ‘P’ grade on their official transcripts


*The course page is available from August 17th.

Learning period : 08-17-2022 ~ 09-27-2022
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