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These online courses are available for anyone who wish to expand their knowledge on a specific topic. There is no academic credit offered for the completion of these courses.

[2022 Fall] Academic Writing and Study Skills


 --- Online Course 1 
The purpose of this short course is to help new KDI students paraphrase and summarize academic sources. This will enable students to write academic papers with confidence and avoid plagiarism.
 --- Online Course 2 
The purpose of this short course is twofold: 1) to enable new KDI students to avoid plagiarism by correctly quoting material; and 2) to equip students to write APA references.
 --- Online Course 3 
This short course focus on two core study skills: reading a journal article effectively and taking notes during a lecture. This course reviews some techniques for reading a journal article quickly and efficiently to gain a grasp of the core content. Students will be briefly introduced to Mendeley, a tool for taking notes on readings and managing references. The second part of this course reviews some basics of taking notes during a lecture and gives a brief overview of the Cornell Method, a method of notetaking that some students find useful. Emphasis is placed on the need to find a notetaking method, whether writing by hand or typing, that works for the student as an individual.


□ COURSE PERIODS: 2022.8.17.(Wed.) ~ 2022.9.27.(Tue.), 6 weeks

*The course page is available from August 17th.

Learning period : 08-17-2022 ~ 09-27-2022