Summer 2021 Research Project Submission: June 14-25

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Summer 2021 Research Project Submission period for Master's students is June 14 (9AM) - June 25 (6PM), KST.

* RP Submission Page: E-education

* Enrollment Key: refer to page 7 of the RP Submission Manual(attached)


Before submission, please go through the Turnitin self-check. Please share the similarity index and originality report with your Supervisor(s) to receive feedback and finalize your paper.


Please refer to the bottom of the RP Information page for the Turnitin Self-check Manual.


The next Research Project submission period will be October 11 - 22 (Fall 2021).

※You can refer to this page for Research Ethics information:

Should you have any inquiries, please contact Thank you.

Academic Affairs Division


안녕하세요, 2021년 여름학기 RP 제출 안내 드립니다. 

- 제출기간: 6.14(월) 9AM - 6.25(금) 6PM, 한국시간

- 제출페이지: E-education

    *Enrollment Key: 하단 첨부 RP 제출 매뉴얼 7쪽 참고

- RP 제출 전 Turnitin 표절검사 필수: RP Information page 하단 Turnitin 매뉴얼 참고

- 다음학기 RP 제출기간: 10.11(월) - 22(금), 2021 가을

- 연구윤리교육 영상 참고페이지:

- 문의:


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