2021 Fall Course operation: ONLINE-only until Oct 03

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Wrote on : 2021-09-7 17:51
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Please be informed that only ONLINE classes will be offered until October 3rd due to the ongoing elevated social distancing measures according to the COVID-19 school policy.


The current COVID-19 school policy is 1) to allow only online lectures if the social distancing measure is at level 3 or higher in the Sejong city and 2) to make a new decision at the executive meeting based on the government’s measures.

Some practice-based courses can be excepted and they may be conducted as offline or hybrid (It will be announced further).

     -Updates: 'Programming Fundamentals using Python' will be conducted OFFLINE for the quality of learning.

* All courses will be live-streamed through ZOOM in real-time and in principle, attendance will only be counted if students take online live-streaming classes.

The recorded video will be uploaded by CA students until 12 p.m. on the next day of each class and will be automatically deleted in 7 days from the upload date. Please note that recorded videos are streamed only, and are not downloadable. They are prohibited from being downloaded and shared without authorization.

For more detailed information regarding attendance, etc, please check out the attached guideline.

<FAQs for Course registration & Attendance>

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- Attendance check:

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